The DES20293 SEQ Regional Ecosystem Offset Project is an environmental offsets project that requires baseline assessment, Landholder negotiations and lease or purchase and management of lands in the South East Queensland (SEQ) Region for the timeframe of 20 years. 

The purpose of the project is to offset impacts that have occurred throughout SEQ on environmentally significant matters. To adequately meet the purpose of this project, expert ecological and land management practices are required.

The project requires:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Baseline ecological assessments and surveys over multiple parcels of land
  • Watercourse and vegetation assessment
  • A Baseline assessment report
  • The delivery of an offset delivery plan
  • Rehabilitation planning and revegetation and
  • Land management & planning.
    QLD Offsets Survey

    This project deals with environmental planting (supply and installation of native plants) and revegetation (weed eradication and natural recruitment), with the objective of improving the biodiversity and ecology of the area. This will then provide natural offsets while re-establishing local plant species, and improving water quality and runoff pathways, amongst other things.

    Evolve Environmental Solutions will provide all services in-house and manage the offset of the 52 hectares of land.

    Our offset services can be provided in a variety of ways, and our team can not only provide the initial tools, assessment and reporting, but also the management of the project to completion, as in this case.

    These are the complete steps to biodiversity assessment and offsets: 

    • Land suitability assessments
    • Landholder negotiations 
    • On-ground assessment of biocondition and habitat assessment
    • Offset delivery planning and management 
    • On ground planting and maintenance
    • Annual compliance reporting
    • Adaptive management strategies
    OQLD Offsets Survey

    All resources used by Evolve Environmental Solutions are sourced internally, which allows for optimal on ground outcomes. This means we’re able to provide services that make a genuine difference.

    We grow our own plants, utilising the diverse skill set of our team from start to finish. Where possible we can even source seed from the areas we are rehabilitating, ensuring local provenance and the best chance of survival in harsh conditions.

    Contact Evolve Environmental Solutions to discuss your Environmental Offset Project.

    Evolve has a team of ecologists, and environmental scientists that have a wealth of knowledge in environmental planning and legislative frameworks at the Commonwealth, State and Local levels. Our vast team of natural areas technicians are experienced in both terrestrial and aquatic applications, which makes us qualified to tackle projects of any size.

    We’re an experienced offsets provider working with both government and private enterprise to achieve compliant long lasting environmental offsets that actually make a difference. Contact us today for more information.