Evolve Environmental Solutions Capability Statement

Ecological Capabilities

Evolve Environmental Solutions is highly experienced in conducting ecological baseline assessments for a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our understanding of how our studies interact with legislative and planning components at different government levels. With a team of specialised Ecologists, Marine Scientists and Horticulturalists, Evolve has the right consultant for your project.

Backed by ecologically and scientifically qualified management, Evolves on ground ability to deliver sustained outcomes is unmatched.

Evolve Environmental Solutions delivers ecologically balanced outcomes for both the regulatory bodies and the client

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  • 2021 Landscape Rehabilitation Award – Scenic Amenity Highway Acoustic Buffer
  • 2019 Environment & Sustainability Award – Portal Street Rehabilitation Offset
  • 2018 Environment & Sustainability Award – Bioretention Basin Rectification Works
  • 2017 Ecological Rehabilitation Award – Gainsborough Greens Wetland Precinct 4
  • 2016 Ecological Rehabilitation Award – Ewer St Riparian Corridor


    • BCC Shorncliffe Escarpment Design
    • Westaway Meridian Plains Ecological Assessments & Approvals
    • Queensland Government SEQ Environmental Offsets
    • Boronia Heights Koala Assessment
    • Aura – Multiple Drainage Swales and Wallum Froglet Habitat Management
    • Springfield Conservation Area – Fauna monitoring
    • Doran’s Road North Arm – Approvals and Rehabilitation Design
    • Lightsource bp – Environmental Baseline Assessments- Offsets


      • Flora and Fauna Assessments
      • Fauna Spotter Catcher Works
      • BioCondition Assessments
      • Terrestrial Habitat Assessments
      • Aquatic Ecological Assessments
      • Protected Plants Surveys
      • Re-Vegetation Assessments
      • Environmental Offsets Surveys
      • Environmental Offset Delivery Plans
      • Rehabilitation Management Plans
      • Vegetation Management Plans
      • Ecological Assessment Reports
      • Waterway / Wetland Design & Management
      • Environmental Impact Statements



      Carbon Offset Capabilities


      • A fully vertically integrated company that is with you every step of the way
      • Provides offsets that actually make a difference
      • Is in the process of creating habitat first rather than just locking down existing habitat in a tokenistic gesture
      • We provide all required services internally, we even grow our own plants for your offset
      • All monitoring and reporting is conducted by highly qualified ecologists to ensure maximum performance and ecological benefit
      • We select lands where the maximum impact for the offset is possible


      • Create habitat and provide a maximum in conservation gain
      • Secured legally to ensure the offset remains into the future
      • Focused the outcome, through careful planning and assessment
      • Managed by a qualified team of ecologists, land conservation managers, horticulturalists and business trained leaders


      • Evolve Planning & Negotiations
      • Evolve Ecological Studies
      • Management Plans & Reporting
      • Evolve Nursery & Horticultural Care
      • Evolve Conservation & Land Management

      Waterway Management Capabilities

      • Hydrological testing
      • Basin assessment & de-watering
      • Insitu physio-chemical analysis via multi-parameter water quality testing
      • Baseline monitoring and depth profiling
      • Critical analysis
      • Laboratory testing (NATA) interpretation and reporting
      • Stakeholder engagement
      • Regular monitoring and results reporting
      • Basin rehabilitation design, construction & maintenance
      • Waterway design, wetland design & management
      • Flora survey
      • Diurnal collection & assessment
      • Aqua BAAM assessments
      • Environmental Management Plans
      • Environmental impact investigations



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