Waterway Management and Waterway Design

Why Waterway and Wetland Management Matters

Any works adjacent to or inclusive of waterways are required to undergo detailed ecological assessment or rehabilitation planning. The assessment and planning works to identify the key features, performance and processes of the waterway in question in order to align your project, as well as any future projects and expansions in future, with the legislative expectations and requirements around ecological study and waterway management.

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These considerations allow for targeted planning that aims to protect and conserve these natural features along with all present flora and fauna. Healthy waterways are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem and contribute immeasurably to our economic and social wellbeing.

To aid in the effective conservation of our waterways, our comprehensive waterway management services include a vast number of specialised offerings, including:

Hydrological testing

Basin assessment and dewatering

Insitu physio-chemical water quality analysis via multi-parameter water quality testing

Baseline monitoring and depth profiling

Critical analysis

Laboratory testing (NATA) interpretation and reporting

Basin rehabilitation, bio-basin design, construction & maintenance

Wetland and waterway design

Wetland management

Flora survey and aquatic weed management

Aqua BAAM assessment

Regular monitoring and results reporting

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As devoted conservationists and highly skilled waterway management experts, Evolve  Environmental Solutions tailors our services to meet your needs. Where required, we can act as your government liaison and will remain dedicated from commencement through to completion of the project in question.  

Whether you are seeking an initial environmental assessment for planning purposes or require the design of a complex bio-basin, our team has the necessary skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your waterways management or waterway design project.



Our Projects

Belle Eden

The Belle Eden Park Waterway Naturalisation is an exciting and innovative project for the Bundaberg Region, delivering an integrated approach to treating stormwater runoff, which is harmful to sensitive downstream waterways and ecosystems (i.e. Baldwin Swamp). It will also improve the biodiversity and ecology of the Belle Eden Park Waterway.

By restoring the Belle Eden Park drainage channel to a natural waterway, the project will improve stormwater quality and treat polluted stormwater runoff which is harmful to sensitive downstream waterways and ecosystems such as Baldwin Swamp.

This was done by reinstating a riparian corridor to reinstate the attributes and qualities of a natural waterway, and implementing a one meter rock-lined flow channel.

Martins Creek
Belle Eden

Martins Creek, Kuluin

The re-design of Martins Creek in Kuluin was designed by Evolve Environmental Solutions and was to provide stormwater solutions both in terms of quality and peak flow to the Maroochydore Soccer Club, nearby residences and the new Gem Life development bordering the Maroochy River.

Evolve is in charge of both the design and construction of this project, with the objective to improve stormwater quality and stormwater runoff which is harmful to sensitive downstream waterways and ecosystems. It will also eradicate restrictive weeds, improve the biodiversity and ecology of the Martins Creek, and re-establish locally endemic plant species.


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