Land Management, Environmental Rehabilitation and On-Ground Works

Evolve Environmental Solutions is a market leader, providing environmental reconstruction and restoration services. At Evolve, we conduct best practice, award winning ecosystem renewal services. 

Evolve’s bushland regeneration team provides natural area management and restoration services across all habitats no matter how denuded or difficult the job.

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Natural Area Management and Environmental Planting Rehabilitation

Evolve Environmental Solutions are specialists in habitat reconstruction. Habitat reconstruction occurs through development activities that require the stabilisation and naturalisation of waterways or cleared brownfield areas. Evolve can bring the landscape back to its natural surrounds by offering the following services:

  • Large scale planting and revegetation
  • Waterway management and wetland rehabilitation
  • Channel creation and naturalisation
  • Reshaping of natural areas
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Post-fire regeneration works
  • Environmental weed management
  • Large-scale mulching, habitat creation and maintenance
  • Installation of fauna furniture
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 Our natural landscapes are dynamic and ever changing. The risk of fire is ever present living in Australia. Properly managed fire regimes are more critical now than ever to mitigate against catastrophic fire damage. Evolve’s fire management team can offer:

  • Burn Plans and Approvals
  • Planned Burns for optimum results
  • Pre & post burn briefings/debriefs
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Fuel load reduction
  • Guaranteed ‘Black Out’
  • Post burn event and mop-up operations

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Our Projects

Ewer Street, Carindale

Evolve Environmental Solutions commenced work in 2013 at Astonbrook Estate Carindale removing all declared weeds in the riparian corridor of Spring Creek. This project dealt with environmental replanting and revegetation, with the objectives of improving the biodiversity and ecology of the Spring Creek, re-establishing locally endemic plant species, and improving stormwater quality and treating polluted stormwater runoff, amongst other things.

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Predominantly covered in Cats Claw vine, Lantana and Camphor laurel trees, the site was particularly sensitive due to the locally threatened Ornate Rainbow Fish habitat living in the creek. After initial weed management, over 40,000 native trees and shrubs were planted onsite and nesting boxes were installed.

Weekly water quality testing was performed onsite, whilst Rainbow Fish monitoring occurred on a monthly basis. A bridge crossing was also installed at the southern end of the corridor, paying particular attention to erosion and sediment management. 

The return of native animals to this corridor has been exciting, as white cockatoos, gliders and water lizards are now frequently seen.

Riverparks Upper Coomera

Riverparks Estate, Upper Caboolture

The Riverparks Estate Vegetation Management Works was a landscaping construction and maintenance project for land management and landscape rehabilitation works on an area of land chiefly characterised by a steep slope adjoining the Upper Caboolture river.

This project was conceptualised with the key outcomes of improvement of biodiversity through weed removal and installation of native plantings, improvement of stormwater quality entering the river, and sediment and erosion management. This was done through weed management plans, earthworks, mulching and erosion control, and planting establishment and maintenance.

Evolve Environmental Solutions provided all services in house with the exceptions of:

  • An independent arborist certification of the compliance of all plants as required by the client in tender specifications; and
  • Soil testing carried out for a pre-planting amelioration report.

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