About Evolve Environmental Solutions

Evolve Environmental Solutions was created to meet the growing demand for specialized environmental landscaping. Our strength is providing positive outcomes for all parties involved with the process of designing, building and maintaining environmentally sensitive projects. Most importantly, our strengths ensure a better outcome for our environment, carried out by the most professionally qualified team in the environmental construction industry delivering the best solutions to ecological challenges.

Established in 2012, the team at Evolve Environmental Solutions set out to create a business focused on professionalism and customer service evidenced through strong ecological outcomes. Managed by a team that includes qualified horticulturalists, an environmental scientist and a landscape architect, our highly qualified and motivated construction teams operate with long term environmental restoration practices in mind. This demonstrated level of experience and environmental understanding ensures Evolve is one of the few companies in Queensland providing qualified staff across all levels of the business who are dedicated and passionate about the environment.

Evolve prides itself on providing quality service to all clients no matter how large or small the project.

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The Evolve Environmental Team Offer


For healthy waterways, environmental consciousness, revegetation and increasing koala habitats.


Experience in large scale projects.


Evolve has ready access to equipment required to construct wetlands and perform large scale mulching projects.


A full-time safety officer with many years’ experience in designing site specific safety plans. Evolve staff conduct daily prestart meetings addressing the specific requirements of each project and their site conditions. Weekly toolbox talks are performed to discuss any relevant safety issues.

Ten Years of Evolve Environmental Solutions

July 1st marks the tenth anniversary of Evolve Environmental Solutions’ inception. During that time, we have grown from a team of three, performing environmental maintenance for Eureka and working out of an office on the top floor of 32 Boothby Street, to a team of fifty-three with our own office at 50 Boothby Street with projects situated throughout Southeast Qld and as far north as Bundaberg.

We congratulate all involved in achieving this milestone. We are proud of your achievements and being able to perform work that improves the environment for all. The name Evolve was determined by the original Directors to capture potential business opportunities presented by our changing environment and changes to government legislation. I can proudly say our name also captures our changing work environment as over 30% of our team are women and over 40% hold leadership roles.  

The next ten years are looking incredibly exciting. The countdown to Carbon Neutral 2050, the Brisbane Olympics in 2032, the proliferation of solar farms, wind farms and carbon farms as well as habitat restoration works present the Evolve team with many opportunities.

Happy anniversary from the Management team. 

Evolve Environmental Solutions specialises in:

Building and maintaining wetlands

Bio-retention basin maintenance and restoration

Invasive species management & bush path construction

Maintenance of environmentally sensitive landscapes

Implementation of vegetation management plans

Erosion and sediment control

Flora and fauna reporting

Land restoration fund projects

Project management

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Where required, we can also act as a government liaison to simplify proceedings.



Quality Assurance

Evolve Environmental Solutions’ quality assurance system provides certainty that all work is performed with integrity and care in the pursuit of continued improvement.

As a part of our quality assurance management system, we do not use unpaid or unskilled labour when working on projects. As an ethical business, Evolve Environmental Solutions employ skilled labour to perform landscaping works.

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