Ecological and Environmental Assessment

Delivery of ecological impact from development and environmental offset projects requires extensive understanding of both ecology and the environmental frameworks (Commonwealth, State and Local).

Evolve Environmental Solutions provides environmentally robust and cost-effective solutions to your environmental planning, ecological and offsetting needs. Our team is able to tackle complex legislative problems and provide real world solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Evolve has a team of ecologists and environmental scientists who have a wealth of knowledge in Commonwealth, State and Local environmental planning and legislative triggers. Our team is experienced in both terrestrial and aquatic applications and are able to tackle any sized project.

Evolve Environmental Solutions is an experienced offsets provider that works with both government and private enterprises to achieve compliant,  long lasting environmental offsets that genuinely make a difference.

Quality environmental planning and offsetting is paramount in environmentally complex projects, and Evolve is proud to be able to provide the following services:

Vegetation management plans (construction & operational phase)

Rehabilitation plans

Environmental permits and approvals

Ecological study and ecological assessments

Fauna surveys including trapping

Biocondition assessments and vegetation transects

Biosecurity (weed and pest) management planning

Rare and threatened species (risk) assessments

Environmental impact statements

Species management planning

Flora and fauna surveys

Offset management planning

Environmental auditing

Accounting for nature assessments (flora, fauna & water)

EPBC Act referrals

Environmental management plans

Due diligence and compliance reporting

Assessments of offset sites

Protected plant surveys

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Our Projects

Woolooga Solar Farm

The Woolooga Solar Farm Offsets Project is a Commonwealth mandated environmental offsets project to mitigate impacts on the habitat of the vulnerable Koala and Grey headed flying-fox. Evolve Environmental Solutions has been awarded the environmental management and consultancy portion of these requirements along with the on-ground revegetation and management of the offset.

The project requires:

  • Consultancy Works
  • Access and Fencing Management Assessment
  • Weed Monitoring and Assessment-Survey
  • Habitat Management (Condition)-Survey
  • Revegetation Assessment of environmental planting
  • Pest Management Baseline Survey
  • Bushfire Management Planning and Assessment Baseline
  • Consultancy Reporting
  • Offset Management Plan-Annual Compliance Reporting
  • Revisions of Offset management Plan
  • Voluntary Declaration
  • Project Meetings and Monthly Reporting
  • Meetings or Audits with Government
  • On-Ground Works
  • Supply and install of Fauna Friendly Fencing
  • Koala Crossing Poles
  • Weed Management
  • Planting Works
  • On-Ground Pest Management
  • Fire trails and track maintenance and burns

Evolve Environmental Solutions has been appointed as the Principal environmental contractor, responsible for the management of the 198 hectare offset site. Subcontractors have been engaged for on-ground Pest Management and Bushfire Management Planning and

Assessment Baseline, and all other services are provided in-house.

Baroon Advanced Offset
Wooloonga Solar Farm

Baroon Advanced Offset

The Advanced Offset Registration of land affectionately known as the ‘Bunya Block’, adjacent to Lake Baroon is an environmental offsets project requiring baseline assessment of floristic ecosystem groups and threatened fauna habitat. 

The purpose of the project is to register advanced environmental offsets for Regional Ecosystems and threatened fauna habitat present across the site.

The project requires:

  • Baseline ecological assessments and survey
  • Watercourse and vegetation assessment
  • Baseline assessment report and
  • The delivery of an offset delivery plan

Evolve will provide all services in house for the registration of Regional Ecosystem, Koala habitat and Black Breasted Button Quail Habitat across 120.67 ha of land.

Evolve  Are Your Environmental Consultants

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