Ellendale – Upper Kedron

The infrastructure corridors provide the means of wildlife movement through the length of the site. The use of fauna exclusion barriers, including fencing along the western edge of the development is a means of both restricting fauna movement to within the corridor and restricting the movement of domestic animals into the corridor.
This site is filled with glider poles, under road fauna crossings & nesting boxes.
Squirrel glider poles have been positioned to establish a continuum of movement along the east bank of the waterway corridor. Nesting boxes are installed for the wildlife of owls, squirrel gliders, possums, bats and those suitable for other bird life endemic to the site.
Throughout the site there were over 30000 tress planted, 95000 shrubs planted, 58 glider poles, 118m2 of koala crawl bars & 173 nesting boxes:
0 Trees
0 Shrubs
0 Glider poles
0 Koala Crawl Bars m2
0 Nest Boxes