Franklyn Vale Creek

Evolve Environmental Solutions was engaged by Ipswich City Council to undertake the rehabilitation and revegetation of the Franklyn Vale Creek Catchment under the Franklyn Vale Creek Catchment Initiative. Although in its infancy, the project holds great promise for the future of erosion control and weed management on private land. Franklyn Vale Creek and its tributaries are found in an area of particular beauty within the south western corner of Ipswich City Council local government area and are bordered by the picturesque Little Liverpool Range. The high wildlife and biodiversity values of the area coexist with a highly productive agricultural and pastoral primary production industry.
Franklyn Vale Creek and its tributaries flow into the Bremer River south of Rosewood and with a history of extensive clearing in the catchment, has left parts of the waterway with instability and bank erosion, impacting on water quality and the values of the creek itself. Negatively impacting productivity for watering livestock and the wildlife that depend on the productive land and a clean water source.
The Franklyn Vale Initiative is an ambitious plan to restore waterway health and catchment productivity through partnering with landholders living on Franklyn Vale Creek, working together to restore the waterways and ultimately improve overall health of Franklyn Vale Creek.
Evolve will be targeting three separate areas with the initial focus on extensive management of weed species being undertaken during 2019 and have worked closely with Ipswich City Council to develop a long term rehabilitation management plan that ensures minimisation of run off during the clearing, construction and establishment of an extensive planting program designed to re-vegetate the areas back to their original Regional Ecosystem. The project is funded by council’s storm water quality offsets scheme, a program designed to improve water quality and waterway health.
The benefits of healthy waterways to both landholders and the environment include:
  • Native vegetation in and above the creek line and channel provides stability to prevent erosion
  • Improved water quality from good riparian cover, elimination of weed and algae species and increased bank stability.
  • Improved health and condition of livestock as a result of better water quality from reduced pollutants entering waterways
  • Improved productivity and reduced stress on stock due to cooler areas surrounding well vegetated waterways
  • Salinity issues reduced through establishment of vegetation around waterways
  • Reduced flooding by slowing the flow of water and improving infiltration from revegetation in the upper catchment
  • Supporting an abundance of wildlife, both aquatic and land dwelling
Evolve have been given this unique opportunity to restore the waterways of Franklyn Vale Creek  and work in conjunction with both Ipswich City Council and the private landholders who will directly benefit from a rehabilitated creek flowing through their property. The framework for this project provides a platform for all stakeholders with multiple interests to come to the table and develop a strategy where there are mutual benefits across ecology, environment and economy.



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