Carbon Offsets And Carbon Farming

Carbon farming projects make it possible to generate income for landholders. This can be accomplished with changes in management practice that reduce greenhouse output, or through the abatement of carbon in soils or vegetation. Just because you enter into a carbon project doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your primary source of income on your land. Evolve is here to help you navigate through the complexities of carbon farming and land usage.

There are several methods that have been approved by the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) that allow the landholder to secure an income through carbon abatement. Upon registration the landholder has the ability to sell under the ERF market, register under the Land Restoration Fund (LRF) (QLD only) or trade on the voluntary market.

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Carbon Assessment and Carbon Planting

With the 2050 pledge in carbon neutrality there has never been a better time to become a carbon farmer. This commodity not only provides an economical return, it also creates meaningful ecosystems, increases biodiversity and helps tackle climate change.

We can assist in determining the best method of carbon farming for you and your operation. We are vertically integrated which allows us to provide you with the tools and reporting you require. We can manage your project on ground should you require it.

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We provide carbon offsets that make a genuine difference. We grow our own plants and utilise the diverse skill set of our team for optimal carbon abatement.

On-ground assessment of carbon baseline and credit realisation

Planning and negotiation support

Carbon sequestration assessments

On ground planting and maintenance

We are truly passionate about conservation outcomes and carbon offsets. Our skill sets provide our clients with the greatest return on their investment whilst creating a highly effective carbon and conservation gain.

To work with a team that guarantees to deliver significant carbon offsets and intelligent environmental solutions, contact Evolve Environmental Solutions today on (07) 3124 7200.



Our Projects

Land Suitability Assessment – Solar Provider

Evolve is providing two main objectives that need to be addressed from this body of work, being:

  • The overall understanding of the client’s place in the market including strategic structures to allow maximum flexibility in asset trading; and
  • An assessment of the five solar assets under the different approved methods of carbon farming for maximum yield.

The initial report is to:

  • Highlight the process of entering into a Carbon Farming arrangement under both the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and the Land Restoration Fund (LRF) (QLD only)
  • Address the legislative context of Carbon Farming under each mechanism
  • Understand the general process of delivery for both the ERF and LRF
  • The carbon auction process under the ERF and LRF
  • Potential site aggregation
  • Check the client’s eligibility to enter into Carbon Farming projects
  • Associated risks of carbon farming
  • Assessment of aggregation potential and
  • Provide Carbon Farming structures that address potential resale of properties and or credits.
    land suitability assessment for solar providers

    This report ultimately discusses the steps and legislative requirements of entering into a carbon farming project under the ERF or LRF. On a more project specific basis the second report will address each of the following on the specific solar farms:

    • Assess each project for suitable vegetation and soil carbon farming applications
    • Assess eligibility of each method under the correct carbon farming scheme
    • Conduct a desktop carbon farming assessment of each potential method highlighting:
      • The potential carbon farming area
      • The potential carbon yield using carbon modeling
      • The potential costs of implementing the method and
      • The returns available from carbon farming

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