Gainsborough Wetlands

In February 2016 Evolve Environmental Solutions commenced works on their largest ever project – Gainsborough Greens Precinct 4 Wetland.  Gainsborough Greens is a Mirvac master planned community consisting of over 2,200 home sites, situated at Pimpama on the northern boundary of the Gold Coast.
The total area of the wetland is in excess of 9 hectares with over 350,000 wetland grasses planted in the water zones and 40,000 trees and shrubs protecting the batters.  Completed in June 2016 the wetland posed several problems to the Evolve team.  Initially sourcing the required plant stock, as significant numbers were required of plant species not commonly grown in the nursery industry.  This was quickly resolved once fresh seed was sourced and a twelve week growing programme commenced.
When Evolve commenced works onsite, maintaining soil moisture levels to keep wetland grasses alive during a particularly dry “wet season” became problematic.  Temporary irrigation systems connected to water trucks kept stock alive until welcome rains arrived.  Unfortunately, Australia is a country of extremes and after significant rain events in March & April the problem became removing excess water from the wetland!
Successful projects of this size require great working relationships and Evolve were fortunate to work closely with the client – Mirvac and the following consultants, Vee Design & Design Flow, Golding Civil Contractors, Greenstock Nurseries and Eco plant Australia. These companies also played very important roles in helping Evolve deliver this project on time and on budget.
In October a group of ecology students identified twenty-one different bird species on and around the wetland, highlighting the successful planning, building and maintenance of the vast man made wetland.